Video Case Studies

Michigan State Digester (Anaergia)

GenEarth Berkely, SC (AAT)

Farm Based Digesters

Roach Brothers Farm, NY

Clear Horizons, WI

Quasar – Rutland, MA

Digestion to make CNG for Trucks

quasar Wooster, OH

Synergy Biogas, NY (CH4 Biogas)

City of Toronto (AD starts at 5 min)

The Plant (Chicago)/ Eisenmann



Municipal Digesters

Microturbines at Sheboygan, WI

University of WI Dry Digester

quasar SWACO

Inland Empire – Fuel Cells

VirClar – Northern Biogas

Kline Services (Veolia)

SEaB Muckbuster Unit

HarvestPower Florida

UC Davis

Cayuga County NY